"I believe Karate has boundless potential."


When I was a child, I had delicate health and suffered from anemia. I was always subject to bullying. I didn't have any confidence and couldn't even make eye contact with people.


Then, I got involved in karate and started practicing karate seriously. After 10 years, I won the All Japan Karate Tournament Championship, and 5 years later, I became the World Karate Tournament Champion. During that period, I completed the 100-Man Karate Combat Challenge and realized that we all have unlimited potential within us.


Ones ability is developed through continuous effort. Confidence gained by steadfast Karate practice will expand our ability infinitely and enable us meet any challenge in life.


From my 30 years experience as a Karate instructor, I can say that Karate is not necessarily something which you must spend a lot of time or intense training on, rather, it should be something you enjoy. When you enjoy it, you can make it a lifelong pursuit. I strive to provide enjoyable Karate classes to all of you.



                                                                                                           Grand Master Kenji Yamaki


Yamaki Karate


Yamaki Karate is the personal martial expression and training system developed by former Karate Champion Kenji Yamaki sensei.  Focused on teaching the human body through movements rooted in traditional Karate heritage, Yamaki sensei uses he's unique interpretation and understanding of the Karate tradition to place the practitioners on a journey of perpetual discovery of the limitless potential of the human body and its powers.  The art is focused on maximizing power delivery of the practitioner, conventionally limited by physical attributes such as height, weight and muscle mass and/or strength.  Yamaki Karate seeks to lead its practitioners to transcend these limitations and continuously expand each individual's martial efficacy through training.  In terms of application, with structural power at its core, the art employs simple and direct striking techniques such as punching, kicking...etc. as it's fighting tools.

Karate History

Kenji Yamaki 

Martial art career


2002 Resigned from Kyokushinkaikan, Started Yamaki Karate

1995 Completed 100 men Karate combat challenge

1995 6th World Karate Tournament Champion

1994 26th All Japan Karate Tournament Champion

1993 25th All Japan Karate Tournament 7th place winner

1993 10th All Japan Karate Weight Tournament Champion

1992 24th All Japan Karate Tournament 7th place winner

1991 5th World Karate Tournament 5th place winner

1990 22nd All Japan Karate Tournament 8th place winner

1989 21st All Japan Karate Tournament Champion

1988 20th All Japan Karate Tournament 3rd place winner

1987 4th World Karate Tournament Best 32

1986 18th All Japan Karate Tournament 3rd place winner

1980 Joined Kyokushinkaikan





2012 Full-Contact Karate: Advanced Sparring Techniques and

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1997  "The First of Glorious"

1995  "A Collection of Kyokushin Karate Kenji Yamaki"




1997  "The story of Kenji Yamaki"

1995 "Kenji Yamaki's 100 Men Karate Combat Challenge"

Film career


2003 "Onmyoji2" appearing as Ukon Tachibana

2000 "Onmyoji" appearing as Ukon Tachibana

2000 "X Fire" TV commercial for Play Station 2

1995 "Garoden" a picture starring Kenji Yamaki

1989 "The Punisher " co-starring with Dolph Lungren




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